Next on Corporal Outis’s plate…

I was happy to have stalked and shot so many of the good residents of Edmonton.

I am now looking forward to Dimanche Rouge, held in Finland and Estonia from October 17-20, where I will be performing If You Can Dish It Out, I Can Take It.  There, I will watch the entirety of everyone else’s durational performance art at the festival!

Look for more updates at that time.

Not with a bang, but a whimper?

Today was my last day day of stalking, and it was a bit of a bust.  I went zero for three today.

First I tried to get Parker at the Metro Cinema at 10, but I got there just before 10, and I missed him.  I forgot to take a picture then, but here’s one from later in the day.


Then I tried to find out if Tina was walking her dog in the neighborhood.  I looked around for an hour, but no luck.


I moved on to Cari’s dorm again, and watched for half an hour just in case she came out.  Since I never got her full information, I don’t consider her to quite be an official stalk-ee, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  Again, no luck.


Parker had some ideas for the night, but they never crystallized, so I didn’t get a chance to find him either.

In the end, out of the nine main targets, I managed to surveill all of them and shoot seven.  So overall my mission was a success.  However, two–Parker and Tina–managed to evade me the whole time.

Congratulations, you two.  But don’t get too confident.  I’ve hung up my helmet for now, but if I ever come back to Edmonton, you’d better watch your backs!

Shoot ’em up!

I should mention that I got my bang-flag guns in the mail yesterday, so yesterday and today I was able to execute my targets properly and not with my fingers, like I had to do with Keith.

The day started and ended excellently.  First I hid near Braedon’s workplace and shot him as he walked by in the morning.  He provided me with several days of excellent challenges, but could not avoid my wrath forever!


Soon after I had a meeting set up with Josh, who expected me to show up in my civilian identity.  I surprised him as Corporal Outis and quickly dispatched him.


Later that afternoon, I surveilled Megan’s hotel for a while, to no avail.


I returned to Alyson’s painting studio and shot her as well.  Three dead targets in a row! (Sorry about the amazingly blurry picture; my attention is on shooting, not photographing, at these moments.)


Then I visited Cari’s apartment complex, but could not get in.  Hopefully I will learn some more about her schedule and track her down tomorrow!


After that, I waited outside Parker’s house for a while after he got off work.  I knew he was going to the Art Gallery of Alberta opening later, and guessed that he might go home first.


However, he didn’t show up. I knew I might see him at the Art Gallery of Alberta later, so I went to Tina’s place again to catch her as she returned from work.

I waited from 6:45 until 7:30, but no sign of her.  I did figure out that her apartment complex has an underground parking complex in the back, so I watched that and kept an eye on the front sidewalk through all alley.  However, she might have come in the front door from a different direction.  Tina has been evading me quite successfully so far.  Tomorrow we will have a reckoning!


Later I went to the Art Gallery of Alberta for the reception, where both Megan and Parker were supposed to be.  I tricked my way past the door guards (the reception was for members only) and found Megan after a good slow-motion chase through all the galleries.  I shot her down as well.  I never saw Parker, so I’ll have to find him tomorrow.



I have now shot Keith, Dan, Olivia, Braedon, Josh, Alyson, and Megan.  I have only three remaining targets: Parker, Tina, and Cari!  One more day, three more targets.

Continued success in the world of stalking!

First, I am slightly altering the line-up of my stalk-ees.   I never got any information from Esther,  but Cari just asked me to stalk her.  So I am adding her to my list as target number ten.

Today was a successful day of stalking and shooting.

First I visited Dan, who had so successfully eluded me yesterday at the Manhunt game.  Today he was at work, and eluded me no longer.  I shot him down in his chair.




Then I went to find Olivia.  I showed up at her restaurant and hoped I arrived before she did.  After waiting a while, it seemed that I had not.  I had Vieri,  my resourceful driver for the day, go in and do some advance surveillance for me.  He saw Olivia and reported back, so I went in after her.  I shot her in the back of the restaurant.



I then tried to make it three for three, and looked for Tina when she got off work.  However, the place looked deserted, and no one came out.  However, there were several potential exits, and it’s possible she left out of one of the ones I wasn’t watching.


Still, a good day. I have now shot three of my ten targets.  Seven targets and two days to go.  At this point, surveillance is over, and the shooting spree has begun.

Another day, another round of stalking

Today I visited Alyson at the university painting studio and took this picture.  One of her fellow students helped me find her.


Incidentally, up until now you haven’t seen much of me.  Here I am happily walking away from my successful stalking of Alyson.  Photo credit by Kaytlyne Dewald.


I was even happier to make my first public execution.  I got Keith as he went to get his hair cut.  Unfortunately my bang-flag guns were held up in the mail so I had to shoot him with my finger.  He certainly seemed to have learned his lesson!  One down, nine to go!


Then I went out to Tina’s place.  She wasn’t there, but I left this message for her.



Later I surveilled Parker as he left work and drove away in his car.



Finally I went to hunt down Dan and Braedon, who both happen to play Manhunt–basically a hide and seek/tag game, and a very appropriate place for me to find them.  The game was at 9pm.  As I walked up, there was a large group of people getting ready to play.  However, Dan and Braedon both saw me coming and ran off into the darkness like lightning.  I stayed around and searched for them as the rest of the members played the game for an hour, but never found them.  I’ll get those two later!

Reverse stalking?

I think I am beginning to see a sinister trend on your part, people of Edmonton.

There are so many people stopping me and asking for pictures, honking their horns, yelling exhortatory slogans against those Rebel Scum, that I begin to wonder if this is not all some sort of plan.

It is clear that word of Corporal Outis has spread.  For instance, one woman come up to me this afternoon in one part of town and said her husband called her in the morning to say he had seen me in another part of town.  It is good that my legend grows–all the better to strike fear into the hearts of my prey.

However, I wonder is there is something more afoot.  I realized that if one took all the GPS data currently being uploaded to hundreds of people’s online photo archives, then one could see a virtual trail of my path as I wandered through town.

This, Edmonton, is REVERSE STALKING.  By having numerous individuals take pictures of me on a constant basis, you publicize my presence and location, and in effect make me the prey of your entire city!  I will have to put some thought into how to thwart, or perhaps take advantage of, your insidious plan.


Tuesday afternoon stalking

This afternoon I decided to go after Braedon.  He promised to be particularly elusive prey, and nothing excites Corporal Outis like a challenge.

I went to his place and watched it from about 4:15 to 5:30, during which time he was supposed to get home from work, but I didn’t see him.  Who knows how he escaped my net! But I would have my revenge later…


Undiscouraged, I went to Olivia’s in the hopes of seeing her get home from work.

On the way, I randomly ran into Josh, who was watching another artist’s performance.  He sprinted away into a car garage.  I ran after him to no avail.  However, I did get this shot of his butt climbing over the wall!


When I finally got to Olivia’s, it actually turned out to be her work location, so she wasn’t there.  Interesting building though.


I knew Braedon was considering dinner at the Redstar, but didn’t know when.  I decided to take a shot at it and staked out his route, hiding behind a corner.  I saw him, but he saw me too and tried to escape by running into the nearby hotel.  I pursued, and eventually cornered him–success!


Some more targets

I should have checked my email before writing that last post.  [see more current version of this post above)

I now have five six new targets: Alyson, Daniel, Olivia, Braedon, Josh, and Parker.  However, Janine has dropped out.  So I am now stalking a total of seven eight people.

I can probably only effectively stalk a total of ten people this week, so there are just three two slots left!

With this many people, my policy will be to attempt to surveill everyone at least once before “shooting” them.  If I can surveill them more than once, I will.