Shoot ’em up!

I should mention that I got my bang-flag guns in the mail yesterday, so yesterday and today I was able to execute my targets properly and not with my fingers, like I had to do with Keith.

The day started and ended excellently.  First I hid near Braedon’s workplace and shot him as he walked by in the morning.  He provided me with several days of excellent challenges, but could not avoid my wrath forever!


Soon after I had a meeting set up with Josh, who expected me to show up in my civilian identity.  I surprised him as Corporal Outis and quickly dispatched him.


Later that afternoon, I surveilled Megan’s hotel for a while, to no avail.


I returned to Alyson’s painting studio and shot her as well.  Three dead targets in a row! (Sorry about the amazingly blurry picture; my attention is on shooting, not photographing, at these moments.)


Then I visited Cari’s apartment complex, but could not get in.  Hopefully I will learn some more about her schedule and track her down tomorrow!


After that, I waited outside Parker’s house for a while after he got off work.  I knew he was going to the Art Gallery of Alberta opening later, and guessed that he might go home first.


However, he didn’t show up. I knew I might see him at the Art Gallery of Alberta later, so I went to Tina’s place again to catch her as she returned from work.

I waited from 6:45 until 7:30, but no sign of her.  I did figure out that her apartment complex has an underground parking complex in the back, so I watched that and kept an eye on the front sidewalk through all alley.  However, she might have come in the front door from a different direction.  Tina has been evading me quite successfully so far.  Tomorrow we will have a reckoning!


Later I went to the Art Gallery of Alberta for the reception, where both Megan and Parker were supposed to be.  I tricked my way past the door guards (the reception was for members only) and found Megan after a good slow-motion chase through all the galleries.  I shot her down as well.  I never saw Parker, so I’ll have to find him tomorrow.



I have now shot Keith, Dan, Olivia, Braedon, Josh, Alyson, and Megan.  I have only three remaining targets: Parker, Tina, and Cari!  One more day, three more targets.

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