Continued success in the world of stalking!

First, I am slightly altering the line-up of my stalk-ees.   I never got any information from Esther,  but Cari just asked me to stalk her.  So I am adding her to my list as target number ten.

Today was a successful day of stalking and shooting.

First I visited Dan, who had so successfully eluded me yesterday at the Manhunt game.  Today he was at work, and eluded me no longer.  I shot him down in his chair.




Then I went to find Olivia.  I showed up at her restaurant and hoped I arrived before she did.  After waiting a while, it seemed that I had not.  I had Vieri,  my resourceful driver for the day, go in and do some advance surveillance for me.  He saw Olivia and reported back, so I went in after her.  I shot her in the back of the restaurant.



I then tried to make it three for three, and looked for Tina when she got off work.  However, the place looked deserted, and no one came out.  However, there were several potential exits, and it’s possible she left out of one of the ones I wasn’t watching.


Still, a good day. I have now shot three of my ten targets.  Seven targets and two days to go.  At this point, surveillance is over, and the shooting spree has begun.

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