Corporal Outis, an otherworldly figure in shiny white sci-fi armor, has performed at festivals and everyday locations in North America and internationally.  He usually shows up to stare at other people, provide some advice on their inner emotional lives or read their future, and occasionally stalk them. As a servant of the Empire, he is dedicated to providing a public good in whatever way he can.



  • I.AM Enough (juried performance/art festival organized by the Intergenerational Arts Movement, 2017): JEH Macdonald House, Thornhill, ON.
  • Second Online Performance Art Festival (juried performance festival, 2016): onlineperformanceart.com.
  • Encuentro: eX-centrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance (conference and performance art festival, organized by the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politice, NYU, 2016): Santiago, Chile.
  • ITINERANT (performance art festival, juried by Hector Canonge, 2015): PS 69, Queens,NY.
  • Container Series (performance festival, juried, 2015): Performance Arcade, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Stage the Future 2: The Second International Conference on Science Fiction Theater conference (performance and panel presentation, juried, 2015), Arizona State University in conjunction with the Center for Science Fiction and the Imagination, Tempe, AZ.
  • Dimanche Rouge (performance festival, juried, 2013): Culture Polymer Factory, Tallinn, Estonia; Kamppi Shopping Center and Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Visualeyez (performance festival and residency, juried, 2013): Edmonton, AB.
  • Various at-large incarnations of TK Art <3er.


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