Reverse stalking?

I think I am beginning to see a sinister trend on your part, people of Edmonton.

There are so many people stopping me and asking for pictures, honking their horns, yelling exhortatory slogans against those Rebel Scum, that I begin to wonder if this is not all some sort of plan.

It is clear that word of Corporal Outis has spread.  For instance, one woman come up to me this afternoon in one part of town and said her husband called her in the morning to say he had seen me in another part of town.  It is good that my legend grows–all the better to strike fear into the hearts of my prey.

However, I wonder is there is something more afoot.  I realized that if one took all the GPS data currently being uploaded to hundreds of people’s online photo archives, then one could see a virtual trail of my path as I wandered through town.

This, Edmonton, is REVERSE STALKING.  By having numerous individuals take pictures of me on a constant basis, you publicize my presence and location, and in effect make me the prey of your entire city!  I will have to put some thought into how to thwart, or perhaps take advantage of, your insidious plan.


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