One Set of Footprints in the Forest: Let a Trooper Carry You Towards a Better Life

_DJT1349This Saturday I performed One Set of Footprints in the Forest: Let a Trooper Carry You Towards a Better Life at the I.AM Enough festival held by the Intergenerational Arts Movement at the JEH Macdonald house in Thornhill, outside Toronto.

As you know, the Emperor has asked all of us troopers to provide peace and order throughout the galaxy by any means necessary.

I decided that I would use the means of providing inner peace, which would hopefully percolate outwards and create outward peace as well.

I took individual participants for a walk around the wooded lands of the festival, where we talked one-on-one. I listened to them speak about who they are, their challenges, problems, and aspirations.  Then, lightened by the experience, I carried them on my back for the last leg of our journey together.

In this way, when they looked back, they could see that there was only one set of footprints behind us, for I had been carrying them.

Check out these pictures of me walking and talking with the participants, and then carrying them the last leg of the journey.  Also pictured: the sign where people waited for their turn, and a group shot of all the attendees.

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