TK Tea Reader (celebrity version, for the Online Performance Art Festival)

I performed TK Tea Reader for the Online Performance Art Festival on October 22.  The way the festival works is that each artist streams their performance to the festival’s website, live, for one particular hour over the three days of the festival.  I had Saturday from 3:00-4:00pm (Eastern US time).

Originally I was going to read the future of participants who set up appointments with me ahead of time, by drinking tea with them over Skype, and then reading their tea leaves.

However, Corporal Outis can admit when he makes a mistake, and in this case I didn’t get the call for participants out in time.  So, instead of working with regular folks who set up appointments, I decided to read the futures of some prominent people.

I drank four cups of tea, and read the futures of comedian Larry Wilmore, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, cartoonist  Ryan North, and journalist Fareed Zakaria.

You can see the results here on the festival’s website.

Skip until 3’30” into the video (it started streaming/recording before my time slot actually started). There’s also about 15 minutes of video that somehow isn’t there, due to some kind of glitch-intersectionality between my wifi and the website.  So, not a perfect audio/visual experience!  But, there’s still plenty of premonition gold in there, so please check it out!

Here are some pictures as well, which feature me preparing the tea (including a touch of honey!), drinking it through a straw, and reading the tea leaves’ patterns in the cup:

I was happy to offer these tasseographical truths to the celebrities and hope that they can benefit from them.

I plan to do this performance again in the future with everyday people.  In the meantime, if you would like me to tell your future by reading your tea leaves, I would be happy to set up an individual Skype appointment at your convenience.  Just email me at and we can work out a time.

Once again, I was happy to have an opportunity to help out the peaceful people of the galaxy however I can, whether through my therapeutic skills, by keeping an eye on dangerously experimental artists, or now, through my oracular vision.