Encuentro 2016: Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant: My Premise

I am in Santiago, Chile, all week long, for the 10th Encuentro, where I will surveil the many subversive performance artists in the festival.  You may wonder why I call them subversive—even treacherous!  Let me explain.

Many see government, business, and media as the faces of power, but artists are the real problem.

Artists act individually, but together they create a swarm of disorder around customary, peaceful structures like that of the State.

All this anarchist energy is something for the powers that be to keep an eye on, and I am happy to be the tool of the time-honored, traditional, and trusted power of the Authorities.  I am a keeper of the peace and a protector of order, while artists are nothing but chaos personified—certainly nothing a good society wants to have buzzing around causing trouble.

Therefore, as a keeper of galactic order, I, Corporal Outis, will surveil the artists of Encuentro.  I will post proof of their chaotic nature here every night, pulling the wool from the eyes of the public regarding these dangerous elements in our society.

Of course, some artists might see this as free publicity that furthers their own cause, but I can only hope that it reveals the perilous truth of art, in all its disorder and pandemonium, leading the public back to the comfort of the State.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, after all.

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