Dimanche Rouge Festival: If You Can Dish It Out, I Can Take It

In October, I participated in the Dimanche Rouge Performance Art Festival in Finland and Estonia with a performance called If You Can Dish It Out, I Can Take It.

For my performance, I (as Corporal Outis) simply watched other people’s durational performances.

I was basically just a member of the audience, watching each performance from beginning to end.  But due to my continual presence, not to mention my salient physical presence as a Stormtrooper, I transformed the role of viewer from a passive post to a more active duty.  In effect, I put the other people’s performances under continual surveillance.

I also became something of a partner to some of the performers, who enjoyed my presence as one of the very few, if any, viewers who saw the entirety of their performances.

All of the artists whose performances I watched were willing participants in my performance and agreed to let me watch them.

I will detail each day of the festival, and each other person’s performance, in separate posts.

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