My first morning of surveillance

I have arrived and and on duty in Edmonton.

The people of Edmonton have been very excited to see me, your friendly agent of the Empire, walking around town.  Flocks of you have said hello and had your picture taken with me and proclaimed your allegiance to Lord Vader and the Sith.  I have even met a fellow TK, albeit undercover and out of uniform.  This is all great to see as I go about my duties.

I am currently stalking three participants: Janine, Keith, and Megan.  (There is still time or new people to sign up–use the form found in my first post.)  I will log my progress on this site for you (and them) to follow.

I went by Keith’s house this morning before he went to work.  I got there about 6 a.m., and waited around to see if I could catch him as he left.  This is what I believe is his house.


Around 6:45 I took these pictures of what I believe is him in his car.  I was excited to have successfully (I hope) begun my surveillance.  Keith, I’ll get you for what you did!



I then walked down to Janine’s place to see if I could also catch her before she went to her job, although I don’t know what hours she works.  I waited around outside what I believe is her apartment.




I was there from about 8 to 9 a.m., but didn’t see her.  It is my assumption that she had already left before I arrived.  I’ll come for you later, Janine!

I’ll be doing more surveillance later today.

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