I’ll Get You for This! I’ll Get You When You Least Expect It!


Have you ever felt like you’ve done something so bad that you deserved to be hunted down and mock-shot in the street?  That you would like to be stalked and surveilled by a Stormtrooper in a faux-lethal game of cat and mouse?

Do you also plan to be in Edmunton between September 9 and 15?

Well, wait no longer!

I, Corporal Outis, Stormtrooper performance artist extraordinaire, will be in Edmunton on just those dates to do just that!

As part of the Visualeyez performance art festival, I am accepting submissions from people who would like to be stalked and then shot (with a bang-flag gun) in public.

I will watch my prey for several hours or even days before shooting them, photographing them and posting the photos on this site–all while wearing my Stormtrooper armor!

If you would like me to stalk you, putting your life on the line (not really) and online (yes really), you can either:

(1) fill out the form below, or

(2) send me an email at corporaloutis@gmail.com.

If you send me an email, give me your name, your address or the place you are staying in Edmunton, a clear photo of yourself, a description of your height, weight, and hair color, and any other information that will help me find you.  Where do you eat lunch?  What shows will you visit?  You must also give me a reason to hunt you down–something you’ve done, some reason you deserve what’s coming to you.

Once I get your filled-out form or your email, I will write back to confirm that you are on my list, and the hunt will be on!  (If you filled out the blog form, I will also ask for a photo of yourself at this time.)

The sign-up period starts now, and continues through the end of the festival.  I may have to limit the number of people I accept as my prey, based on how long it takes to track them down.


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