If You Can Dish It Out, I Can Take It: Day 4

The final day was once again at Oksasenkatu 11, and featured a performance by Jeffery Byrd from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m.  He wrote words, selected for their beautiful sounds, on colorful post-it notes and stuck them to the gallery’s storefront window, eventually filling it up.

Unfortunately, there weren’t as many visitors that day.  Those who did come could suggest words, and he would add them to the window.  He was happy to talk, and we chatted throughout the day.  I offered several words for his notes.


He ended a little early, and the gallery attendants weren’t there at the time.  The door seemed to be locked, and we couldn’t get out, and spent an extra hour just hanging out in the gallery together.  Eventually one of the gallery attendants stopped by and left us out (embarrassingly, it turned out that the door was just stuck, not locked, and we could have left at any time).  Here, Jeffrey unsuccessfully tries to open the door (I couldn’t open it either).


While this performance didn’t foster the same kind of boot-camp-like mutual bonding experience as the previous day, it had its own closeness fostered by our daylong conversation and Jeffrey’s own interest in sci-fi culture.  It was a good end to my series of performances.  They dished it out, and I took it.

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