Sign up for Therapy Sessions with Corporal Outis here!

Here is the complete list of all my therapy slots at the Performance Arcade in Wellington, New Zealand from February 18-22.

I am providing free talk therapy for anyone who wants it.  Take a chance and tell your deepest secrets to a trooper! As a tool of the Empire, I am dedicated to bringing peace to the galaxy.  Let’s start with your own inner peace! I have no training in talk therapy whatsoever, but I promise not to tell anyone what we talked about, not even the Emperor!

If a time slot is blank, that means it is available for you to sign up for an appointment. Please contact me via comment or email ( to sign up for any of the blank slots!

If a time slot says “walk-in,” that means the slot is only available for walk-in traffic at the Arcade.  Just wait in line at my container at the Arcade and I’ll take people in the order in which they showed up!

The last slot of each day is a half-hour group therapy session for everyone in line who didn’t manage to get in during one of the previous one-on-one sessions.

[time slots have been edited out, since the performance is now over]

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